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The Departmental Committee on Justice and Legal Affairs. 26 Nov 2019

Yes. Hon. Speaker, I think a number of us are in the same dilemma of delayed responses to our requests ... 26 Nov 2019

(Turkana (CWR), JP): Yes, Hon. Temporary Deputy Speaker. I have said, I beg to reply. 20 Nov 2019

To conclude, matters on security and safety and the actions we take or do not take may cost or save ... 20 Nov 2019

I wish to single out Hon. Dennitah Ghati, Hon. Wanyonyi and Hon. Sankok for clearly bringing out the plight of ... 20 Nov 2019

Kenya National Assembly Contributions: 432

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"A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." Diane Mariechild

Greenhouse Project at Napuu Primary School

Fundraising for Loima Girls secondary school

A sanitation campaign by Save the Children and Dettol Kenya to provide sanitation facilities to schools in Turkana

Tecla Lorupe Peace Meeting in Kapenguria with Uganda Minister Lokeris and Sen Speaker Ekwee

US Congress meeting with Democrats and Republicans during HDP training

Participating in a tripartite peace reflection mtg for the Turkana, Toposa and Karamojong of Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda

Thanks to UN WOMEN for partnership in civic education: access to govt procurement, benefits of AGPO, services of Huduma center

Raised 1.3m towards purchase of a school bus for Lorokon.

With other leaders, at a fundraiser for AIC Lolupe, Lodwar. Sufficient funds raised to complete church construction

Spending a week in Karamoja, Uganda to ensure the Turkana, Jie, Matheniko and Dodoth return each other's cows. [Jan, 2016]

Turkana MPs' Meeting with Water Cabinet Secretary and his parastatals for major water and irrigation projects in the county.