Windle Trust International Promoting the education of people affected by conflict in Africa

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About Windle Trust International

Windle Trust International is dedicated to increasing access to and improving the quality of education. Reflecting our values we work across the breadth of the education sector from primary schools to the tertiary sector. Our commitment is to work with communities in all their diversity – girls and boys, refugees and citizens, teachers and school management committees.

We have a specific focus on increasing access to education for conflict-affected communities seeking to reach children and young people who have been forced to flee or who have been denied education because of the chronic marginalisation that so often accompanies conflict. Our ability to work in insecure and unpredictable areas is one of our distinctive features.

Vacancies/ Scholarships/ Opportunities

Deadline: 2016-08-14

Postgraduate scholarships

scholarship Closed

Scholarship opportunities are available subject to funding each year and will be advertised on our website as well as in the country where eligible applicants can apply. Currently we are not receiving applications online for undergraduate scholarships. Overview of Selection Process Below is ... View scholarship