Deploy KDF to Turkana - South Sudan Border, Turkana Women Rep asks National Government

Turkana County Women Representative Joyce Emanikor has asked the National Government to deploy the Kenya Defense Forces(KDF) to the volatile Turkana- South Sudan border. Ms Emanikor said the killing of Lokichoggio OCS Dominic Ng'ang'a and a Kenya Police Reservists (KPR), who were shot dead by Toposa raiders from neighbouring South Sudan, amount to an external aggression. "The killing of our security officers in Lokichoggio, as they pursued stolen livestock, is an external aggression that warrants the intervention of the Kenya Defence Forces(KDF). I demand that KDF be deployed at the borders of Kenya-South Sudan, Kenya-Ethiopia and Kenya-Uganda," said the legislator. The lawmaker who spoke to Northrift News, said the responsibility to provide security for Turkana residents living along the border, lies squarely with the National Government. "Why do we congest our cities with idle soldiers when there is so much work at the borders. The Turkana people have had to provide security for themselves along these three borders for Kenya and it’s time the Government took its role of securing the borders," she added.
Article published by Northrift News on 20th July, 2015