The Situation in Turkana County

There is a lot of talk and clamour around the globe about the turn-around of Turkana County from poverty and destitution to wealth. Reasons being the discovery of oil, water, geothermal, wind energy, solar energy and various minerals including some very valuable ones. My take is divergent: the situation exhibits a paradox- while it is true the county may just turn out to be one of the richest in Kenya, it's also true that this is still the most pathetic county in terms of poverty index and the poor living standards of people with all socio-economic indicators unacceptably low. Until their own welfare improves, the Turkana people will not understand the much-talked about change. As we chat here now, the women of Loruth Karubangorok in Turkana North have spent 3 days in the wilderness in search of wild fruits of esekon, edung, edapal to feed their families. Before we reap the fruits of these great discoveries, the government(both national and county), us the local leaders and the international community including INGOs should know that Turkana County is still vulnerable and needs support - and much more now that they are even displaced by these explorations. Most fundamental is the need for psycho-social support and proper communication to the nomadic pastoralists some of whom are at loss and confusion on the rapid events in the County. ~ Hon. Joyce A. Emanikor, MP Turkana County Twitter: @jemanikor